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    50% Buyer Rebates!     


You Won't Find This Great of a Deal Anywhere On the Central Coast!

If you are buying a home and your Realtor® is not giving you a rebate, you are walking away from thousands of dollars!

If you are planning on purchasing a home from a cooperating builder or a home listed with any cooperating real estate agency, you can receive 50% of my commission. 

Take my business card with you when you view the home, and if you're interested in buying the home, give the sales person my card and say, "I'm working with this agent."  Also, don't be afraid to ask how much commission they're paying to cooperating real estate brokers.  It is normal for the listing broker or builder to split half of their commission with the buyer's agent.  I (your buyer's agent) will then split my commission in half with you.

Generally speaking, builders and real estate offices pay a buyer's agent a 3% commission on a home, so on a $500,000 purchase, you would be getting $7,500 cash back (my commission would be 15,000 and you get half).  If you're buying a more expensive home, you can see how the amount of cash back greatly increases proportionally.

Be Aware: Some home builders require that you have your agent with you on your first visit so it is a good idea to ask them on the phone before you go and I will be glad to accompany you there.  However, other builders only require that you register/sign in and present your agent's business card on your first visit.

You have to fill out an informational W-9 tax form that I can provide you with (this only asks for your name and social security number and this form is not sent to IRS).  The information is used to file a 1099 (this is sent to IRS and informs the IRS that I paid you the rebate).  This is required by the IRS in order for me to write you a check for 50% of my real estate commission.  You should report the rebate as income (ask your accountant), also the rebate may not be used as downpayment for the property. 

Using Diamond Properties to be your agent in a purchase costs nothing more than if you bought without an agent.  A buyer's agents commission comes from the seller proceeds; being split with the listing broker.  This offer is not too good to be true, you will save thousands on the purchase of a property as described above.  There are no fees charged by Diamond Properties when purchasing a property.   

Email me and I will send you some of my business cards.  

Offer Expires December 31, 2011.  Check back with me in 2013.

If you have any questions please feel free to call or email me.


Robert Cakshiri Broker/Owner 


CA Department of Real Estate License #01726104 

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Diamond Properties Tip:  Get "pre-approved" by your lender prior to searching for a home so that you will effectively be able to negotiate like a cash buyer.  Being pre-approved for a loan shows that you are serious and can afford a property in a particular price range.  Also, take advantage of current low prices and low interest rates!  Now is the best time to buy!

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